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Web payments integration guide


Once you have the code saved and loaded, you’re ready to test. Be sure to test your website or test domain on a device running Samsung Internet browser and with the Samsung Pay wallet app already set up and ready to go in accordance with the prerequisites cited above.

If you use a separate subdomain for your test environment, be sure to add it as an eligible SERVICE DOMAIN for the service you configured under Registering your domain for the W3C service. Remember that any/all subdomains for production must also be added to the service, up to a maximum of 10 service domains.

Again, please note that Samsung Pay’s Webpay API currently supports MasterCard and Visa only. Support for American Express and Discover is under development and will be available soon.

Be sure to test using the Samsung Internet and Chrome mobile browser apps.

To test
  1. Select Samsung Pay as the payment method by clicking on the branded Samsung Pay button (branded implementations) or the Samsung Pay radio button (standard W3C implementations). This should launch the Samsung Pay payment sheet.

  2. Authenticate payment.

  3. Validate your results end to end.

Isolate issues in the log, debug, and test again. Contact your Samsung Pay RM to coordinate assistance with troubleshooting.

Recommended test cases
  • Check if the Samsung Pay is available in the payment option on the website

  • Verify Samsung Pay logo on Browser sheet

  • Verify order summary on the payment sheet

  • Verify “Edit” and “Pay” buttons on payment sheet

  • Verify purchased item in the summary

  • Verify the billing address on the payment sheet

  • Change the billing address

  • Try to change the card in payment sheet when only one card is enrolled in Samsung Pay

  • Try to change the card when multiple cards is enrolled in Samsung Pay

  • Verify the payment amount

  • Verify the payment options

  • Verify the payment completion screen

  • Verify merchant name on the payment sheet

  • Verify merchant domain name on the payments sheet

  • Verify “Cancel” and “Pay” buttons on Browser sheet

  • Try to make payment with large amount (larger than max allowed amount) and verify the behavior

  • Make a payment using Samsung Pay with a card already added for the merchant’s website (basic-card)

  • Verify Transaction notification after W3C purchase

  • Verify Transaction notification after refund

  • Set payment options for shipping address and verify that browser payment sheet launches and captures shipping address input/changes by user

  • Verify that the shipping cost is updated based on a shipping address change and is reflected in the updated total amount



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Registering with the Samsung Pay Developers portal and adapting the appropriate Payment Request APIs for your website in accordance with the guidance contained herein will help to ensure a successful implementation. To that end, the following requirements apply:

Release Contents
Minimum Samsung Pay app version 2.8.xx
Minimum Samsung Internet browser version 5.4
Minimum Chrome browser version 61
Supported device models Samsung Galaxy-class smartphones running minimum version of the wallet app and browser
Supported payment gateways (PGs) View the most current list in the portal’s PAYMENT GATEWAY drop-down menu in service create/edit mode (see Step 5 under )


Once your tests are successful and you are satisfied with the results, take the following steps to ready your integrated (with Samsung Pay) website for release:

  1. Go to the Samsung Pay Developers portaland create a new release service sharing identical attributes with the service you successfully tested.

    a. Click on Service management, then click CREATE NEW SERVICE.
    b. Select For release (pictured), then click NEXT.
    c. Select W3C mobile web payments as the service type, then click NEXT.
    d. Enter a «release» SERVICE NAME and select «United States» as the SERVICE COUNTRY.
    e. Select United States as the SERVICE COUNTRY.
    f. Select your PAYMENT GATEWAY from the drop-down menu, then click CONNECT WITH (for Gateway Token mode) or provide a valid CSR (for Network Token mode).
    g. Enter your SERVICE DOMAIN and click ADD. (For each additional domain name, click ADD.)
    Remember, when entering domain names on the portal, do not include a «https»//» prefix.
    h. Confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions, then click NEXT.

  2. Retrieve the Service ID from the Service details page and enter (copy-paste) it into your website’s methodData object in place of the current testing Service ID.

  3. When your service is approved by your Samsung Pay RM — as indicated in the STATUS column of your Service management dashboard — you’re ready to release your integrated website to the public.

Send queries concerning Service Package approval to webpayment@samsungpay.com.

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