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Find payment methods you can use

Credit or debit cards

You can add the following credit/debit cards to your account:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron

Note: The types of cards accepted through Google Play may vary. If your card doesn’t work when you think it should, contact your bank or card issuer for help. You may notice temporary authorizations on your account when using a credit or debit card.

Google Pay Balance

In the United States and United Kingdom, you can use your Google Pay balance to pay for your purchase. Simply make sure there’s enough money in your Google Pay balance to cover the total amount of the purchase.

Mobile phone billing

With some mobile devices and service plans, you can charge purchases to your carrier bill.

Participating carriers in the USA: 

  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon

When you buy something, you’ll see the charge on your carrier account after 15 minutes.

Note: You may see an SMS (text message) starting with «DCB» or «DCB_Association» on your phone when you sign up for mobile phone billing. The message is automatically generated and sent to complete enrollment in mobile phone billing for your Google Play account. 

Mobile phone billing troubleshooting

If you don’t see a carrier billing option, keep in mind:

  • Mobile phone billing is only available using the Google Play Store app. It isn’t available on the Google Play website on a computer or mobile browser.
  • Your account with your carrier must be in good standing.
  • If you use a device with dual SIM cards, make sure to put the right SIM card in slot 1 and leave slot 2 empty.
  • Mobile phone billing is not available on rooted devices.
  • Some mobile phone carriers can’t be used to pay for subscriptions.

Check with your carrier to make sure:

  • You haven’t exceeded your carrier’s monthly spending limit.
  • Your device and service plan allow premium content purchases.
  • Your device can use mobile phone billing.

Cancelled purchases

Purchases that aren’t successfully authorized with your carrier are immediately cancelled. For help with unsuccessful mobile phone billing purchases, contact your mobile service provider.

Google Play balance and Google Play gift cards

You can use your Google Play Balance to:

  • Buy apps and digital content on Google Play.
  • Pay for subscriptions on Google Play. 

Ways to get Google Play Balance

  • Google Play gift cards and some promotional codes.
  • A convenience store and pay cash to add money to your Google Play Balance. Learn how to add cash to your Google Play Balance.

Learn more about uses & restrictions for Google Play balance.


You can use PayPal to buy apps and digital content on Google Play.

Important: If you have PayPal Security Key turned on, you have to add PayPal to your Google Play account using a computer or mobile web browser. You can’t link it using the Play Store app. To add PayPal, copy and paste play.google.com/store/account into the address bar of a web browser (like Chrome or Safari) and select «Add a new payment method.» Once you’ve added PayPal, you can use it to buy things from the Play Store app and the Play web store.

Unsupported payment types

Google Play can’t be used with:

  • Wire transfers
  • Bank transfers
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Transit cards
  • Any escrow type of payment
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